ABF Academy is a fully accredited K-12 institution focused on providing student-athletes with unique, next-generation sporting and academic experiences.

striving for success

ABF Learning Center was established in 2007 with an original group of 18 students. Just one year later, they expanded to over 100 students, and, a few years later, they transitioned operations to a new facility.

Following the move, the learning center experienced another significant jump in size growing to 175 students. ABF Learning Center, now a fully operational Pre-K Learning Center, received NAEYCL National Accreditation in 2013, was awarded the “Children’s Trust Program of the Year Award” in 2017, and was labeled a “Gold Seal Quality Care Program” in 2018. Following a string of successes , ABF looked to expand once again and began offering K-8 services beginning in 2019.

Planning for the future.

Just one year later, ABF expanded once more to offer high school classes, which would make them a fully accredited K-12 institution. In addition to their neuro-typical schooling services, ABF Learning Center also began to provide offerings for those with special needs including behavioral and speech therapy. Now, just one year removed from their most recent expansion project, ABF Learning Center has expanded once more. In June of 2021, ABF Learning Center announced the establishment of a new program: ABF Sports Management and Leadership Program.